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What is an ecig mod?

what is an ecig mod

What is an eCig Mod?

            Often, customers who have been using an eGo, 510, cig-alike brands (blucigs & other “gas station brands”) electronic cigarettes for a while would come into our customers shops looking to upgrade to something bigger and better, with more features, customizable options and something that can produce more vapor. This is where mods come into play. Mods are essentially larger, more powerful, more versatile, more customizable, higher-end electronic cigarettes. It is important to note that the “mod” typically refers to the actual device itself and not the atomizer, tank or drip tip. There are two major variations of “Mods”: Mechanical Mods (Mech Mods) and Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage Mods (VV/VW).  This brief article attempts to clarify some of the features of both while illustrating the pros and cons of each.


What is a mech mod (mechanical)?

mechanical mod is simply an electronic cigarette that has no electronic switches, regulators or chips – it works purely on mechanical connections and is powered by standard voltage of whatever battery is used internally. The majority of mech mods are CNS lathed tubes and switches fabricated out of stainless steel, copper or brass. One of the main benefits of a mech mod is that when these durable raw materials are paired in a design lacking any electric components or switches – it creates a device that, with proper care and maintenance, can last years, potentially a lifetime. Mech mods have a design structure that resembles more of a flashlight than that of an actual cigarette. They are typically larger in size, heavier and much durable than your standard e-cigarette. Paired with the right atomizer, Mech Mods can produce thick clouds of vapor that other ecigs simply don’t have the power capacity to do.

Mechanical mods are growing in popularity at an amazing rate and have cultivated a culture of unique, artistic and one of kind models that typically has a very high retail price associated with them. We at wholesalevapor.com strive to carry the widest selection of authentic models for those connoisseurs looking for something unique to carry in their stores as well as inexpensive reproduction models (clones) that a novice can easily get their hands on without spending big bucks. There are many different mech mod combinations available, allowing enthusiasts to customize their hardware more than any other type of vaping device.  Some notable brands of Mech Mods are the Chi You, Bagua, Caravella, Nzonic, Nemesis, King Mod + many others.


Chi You Clone Mechanical ModUDT V10 Mechanical Mod

What is a Variable Voltage Mod?

VV/VW (variable voltage / variable wattage) mods are more of a “smart” electronic cigarette.  These devices commonly feature handy attributes like LCD screens that show the battery level, puffs taken, and the voltage/wattage output… and some, like the Joyetech eVic, even feature paired computer software that you can upload all the information to visualize it on your PC.  By definition, these VV/VW devices allow the user to adjust the voltage and wattage, changing the quality and intensity of the vapor to the preference of the user and to the optimum setting for the atomizer. The joyetech eVic has an atomizer reading function which will automatically set the wattage and voltage to the best setting for the Ohm level on your atomizer build – taking some of the guess work out of finding the “sweet spot”.  Generally, tank systems like the Kanger Protank or Innokin iClear line are recommended for the best vaping experience with these models, although any tank will work adequately.

Innokin iTaste VTR VV/VW Mod

Why sell Mods in your store?

Simply put there is a large and growing demand for them. Consumers like to personalize and customize their product and given the wide selection of mods, atomizers and drip tips available, the matchup possibilities are virtually endless. We feel a successful vape store or lounge must have your lower end kits for starters, the curious, and those looking to gift them out – but for the real users, the hobbyist, the passionate… they won’t go anything else but a mod!

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