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Why Wholesale Vapor?

Why choose as your eCigarette Wholesale Distributor?

The biggest issues we have come across while operating our chain of shops is dealing with inconsistent Chinese suppliers. You would literally have to stay up all hours of the night to research and consult with the ever growing number of Chinese manufacturers – you may find the options overwhelming, the reliability inconsistent, and the language barrier frustrating. 

Since being in the vapor business for the past 6 years we have long standing relationships with the top manufacturers out there today. We only work with established companies with stellar quality control and innovative new products. We carry the widest selection of Starter Kits, Mods, Juices, Tanks, Disposables, E-Cigars, Wraps, Chargers, E-Cig Displays and Accessories, with inventory updated daily and all shipping from our 20,000+ Square Foot warehouse in Binghamton NY. We simply offer the easiest and most efficient way to get your vapor shop supplies from a trusted, reliable company.

WholesaleVapor offers no MOQ on specific items but you only must meet the minimum purchase amount of $350.00. This gives you the ability to mix and match which items you want to order without having to order a large quantity of one specific item. No Chinese manufacturer can offer this nor can they offer the wide range of selection we have.

WholesaleVapor.com works directly with the top manufacturers around the globe to bring in the latest and most reliable vapor and electronic cigarette products available today and offer them at factory direct pricing to you.


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